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Dr. Vinson Weber
E. Jane Weber

Dr. Vinson and E. Jane Weber

Our Founders

Vinson Weber was a teacher and his wife Jane was also a teacher.  They were a handsome couple, and were happily married.  He went into the Army and dental school.  When he graduated from dental school, he was recruited to come to the Northwest to organize the Operative Dentistry program at the University of Oregon. They moved to Washington in 1946.

They lived with peace and grace and beauty and creativity and intelligence until Jane’s death on November 20, 1994. Near the end, Jane stated, “No one could have had a happier life than I have had, but I wish it could be longer.”   Dr. Weber lived in his home until late in his life.  He passed on July 19, 2000.  Dr. and Jane Weber are interned together in a single plot cemetery at the north end of the home they shared and loved, which is now managed by the Cemetery Authority.  There will be no other burials at this location.  

Their gift to the community is the Arboretum which encompasses all the Weber land and its future, to which they gave foresight and great energy and wisdom.


Founders Dr. Vinson & Jane Weber
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